True Devotion to Mary

True Devotion to Mary

Saint Louis de Montfort

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Who is Mary to you? What role does she play in your spiritual life? Are you struggling to get focused spiritually or looking for a way to grow to new heights?  

Mary is the most famous woman in history. She has inspired more art and music than any other woman, and she fascinates the imaginations of men and women of all faiths. Many holy men and women of monumental virtue considered Mary’s humility to be a sure path to intimacy with God. They have surrendered themselves completely to Mary’s protection and guidance, begging her to lead them ever closer to her son.  

 It’s all about Jesus, but just as we learn much about the life, teachings, and person of Jesus from the Gospels, we can learn much about him from Mary. She has a unique perspective. She can teach us things about Jesus that nobody else can.  Love and devotion to Mary is a part of Christianity that can be traced back to the very first Christians. 

True Devotion to Mary is the one of the best books on devotion to Mary. Written by Saint Louis de Montfort in 1712 and discovered in 1842, this spiritual classic has led billions of readers closer to Jesus through Mary.

True Devotion to Mary will teach you:

  • Why Mary leads us closer to Jesus 
  • What is devotion to Mary 
  • How to have devotion to Mary 

Mary was a woman, a wife, a mother, a human—and the mother of Jesus. She laughed and cried, made dinner, changed diapers, and suffered anguish we will never know. If Mary invited you to lunch, what would you ask her?

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