The Pilgrim's Journal

The Pilgrim's Journal

Milanka Lachman and Matthew Kelly

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Are you a pilgrim or a tourist?

Tourists want everything to go exactly as they have planned and imagined it. They rush around from one place to another making sure they cram everything in. They are constantly buying souvenirs and knickknacks, many of which they will look at when they get home and wonder, What was I thinking? Tourists get upset if there are delays. They demand prompt attention and service to their every need and desire. They focus on themselves, often shoving past others to get where they want to go. Tourists go sightseeing. Tourists count the cost.

Pilgrims are very different. They look for signs. If a flight gets delayed or canceled, they ask, What is God trying to say to me? Pilgrims are not concerned with seeing and doing everything, just the things they feel called to see and do. They are not obsessed with shopping. They are aware of the needs of others. Pilgrims go looking for meaning. Pilgrims count their blessings.

We are only here on earth for the blink of an eye. This is not our home. This journal is an invitation to discover how to live life not as a tourist but a pilgrim.

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