The Anatomy of Yes: The Story Behind Every Sale

The Anatomy of Yes: The Story Behind Every Sale

Joseph G. Burke

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Stories sell products. But why? More importantly, how can you construct a story that captures a customer's emotions, gets them to ignore your competition, and keeps them riveted to your storyline for a lifetime?

The answer is centuries old, and author Joseph G. Burke details how these stories began and how he applied them as a marketing executive at two of Forbes Top 25 Most Inspiring Companies in America.

Simply stated, your DNA is hardwired to a recurring three-act story. This story, with its five distinct archetypal patterns, were primally authored to scare you, protect you, and help you find enlightenment. In business, if you can master the construct of an archetypal story, not only will you develop customers for life, you'll sell more and serve more.

Each chapter concludes with a series of thought-provoking questions for leaders to contemplate, answer, and discuss. Ultimately, the book will empower you and your organization to better defeat the "dragons" of the competition and capture the "treasure" of yes.


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