Step Up, Dad: Your Kids Need You

Step Up, Dad: Your Kids Need You

Mark Berchem

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 Dads have incredible power to affect their children's lives. Many of us carry serious wounds that we attribute to things our fathers did or didn't do when we were younger. There is no question that dads leave a lasting impact on their children. Will that impact be positive or negative? The choice is up to you!

This book will inspire fathers to reflect, resolve, and take practical steps to become a great dad. Learn to:

  • Recognize your power
  • Celebrate your children
  • Spend quality time with your children
  • Learn to communicate and more...

Dads play an indispensable role in raising their children to become mature and secure adults. Any man can become a great dad if he desires to be and is willing to work at it: You can become a great dad. You can become your children's hero. Each man who reads this book will be inspired to do something.

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