Men of Mercy: Pope Francis Speaks to Priests

Men of Mercy: Pope Francis Speaks to Priests

Pope Francis

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Pope Francis is often called the People’s Pope—individuals everywhere respond to his humility, empathy, and warmth. He invites people to dialogue openly and honestly in a way that opens up new ways of looking at things.

In this collection of messages and homilies, Pope Francis shows us that he is the Priests’ Pope as well. He understands who a priest is called to be: a man of mercy, a joyful and faithful minister, a shepherd who has “the smell of the sheep,” with a heart centered in Christ and the sacraments above all.

Through these messages, Pope Francis offers wisdom and encouragement to all priests. He knows the demands they face and how tired and discouraged they can become. Priests need mercy as much as anyone else—and so he encourages them to open themselves up to God’s mercy and then energetically spread the message of mercy with joy, hope, and authenticity.

May mercy guide our steps, inspire our reforms, and enlighten our decisions. May it be the basis of all our efforts. May it teach us when to move forward and when to step back. May it also enable us to understand the littleness of all that we do in God’s greater plan of salvation and his majestic and mysterious working.


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