Invest Yourself: Daring to Be Catholic In Today's Business World

Invest Yourself: Daring to Be Catholic In Today's Business World

John Abbate

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How can I be a successful business leader and also incorporate my faith into my business dealings?

How can I make tough business decisions and still heed God's call to generosity, compassion, and empathy?

How can I be a faithful Christian and still be successful in the real world?

These are the unanswered questions many of us carry deep within. It's easy to talk about how business and faith can live in harmony, but when the rubber meets the road, we often find ourselves tempted to compromise. We need to be reminded, challenged, and inspired to live lives of authentic faith in the workplace.

The book you hold in your hands will do just that. Invest Yourself is the story of one man's quest to live his faith boldly and authentically in the workplace. A real estate investor and the owner of multiple McDonald's franchises for over twenty-five years, author John Abbate has had his share of difficult experiences. As his personal faith grew, he began to think differently about how he could be a more effective leader. He began putting the needs of his employees first, using his resources to assist them with their hardships, and inspiring them to strive for excellence. Along the way he discovered that business success and a deep Catholic faith aren't mutually exclusive, but instead together form the basis of a life that is rich in what matters.

We are all called to lives of abundance expressed in self-giving. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an engineer, a civil servant or a carpenter, a stay-at-home mom or a CEO, this book will inspire you to rise to the challenge put forth by St. John Paul II to place your intelligence, your talents, your enthusiasm, your compassion, and your fortitude at the service of life.

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