Exit Velocity: An Entrepreneur's Quest For Financial Freedom

Exit Velocity: An Entrepreneur's Quest For Financial Freedom

Patrick Burke

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There is a number; you likely have the figure in mind. You know, the number that results in zero financial worries for the rest of your life if invested wisely. It's the number that provides exit velocity from the gravitational pull of your financial needs. You also know, absent a winning lottery ticket or an unexpected inheritance, your present job isn't going to provide enough thrust or trajectory to get you to your desired financial altitude.

There is likely something else you know, even if you do not wish to readily admit it; your current job is not allowing you to maximize the economic value of your strengths. Few jobs do, unless it happens to be at a company with your name on the sign in front.

As you follow the struggles and successes of the fictional new business owner, Tim, you'll learn if you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur (the mere fact that you are reading this is a strong indicator you do). You will also learn how to deftly navigate your business to avoid those "big mistakes" that prevent you from achieving exit velocity.

Using this book as a guide for your own journey to financial freedom will shorten the trip, and even more importantly, make it fun.

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