Dreams For Your Grandchild: The Hidden Power of a Catholic Grandparent

Dreams For Your Grandchild: The Hidden Power of a Catholic Grandparent

Allen Hunt

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Every Catholic grandparent dreams of having grandchildren who grow up to be healthy, happy, and, most of all, vibrant in their faith. But with so many influences competing for our grandkids, we might begin to doubt that such a thing is possible. We might wonder how much of an impact we really have.

I'm worried about my grandchildren. They don't go to Mass. Is there anything I can do?

Do I, as a grandparent, truly have the power to make a difference in my grandkids' lives?

Allen Hunt answers these questions with a confident "Yes." In this clear, easy-to-read book, the popular speaker and author shows that a grandparent can be one of the greatest influences on a child's spiritual life, and he offers concrete ways to help grandparents make the most of this opportunity. With an abundance of key ideas, reflection questions, action steps, prayers, and tools, he charts a course that grandparents will find easy and natural to follow in order to enhance their relationship with their grandchildren and introduce them to a vibrant faith life.

To any grandparent who has ever felt helpless in the face of a changing and often toxic world, Dreams for Your Grandchild offers the encouragement and the direction you've been looking for, whether your grandchildren are toddlers or teens. Perfect for grandparents or grandparents-to-be, this book celebrates the richness of family life and brings generations together.

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