How to Make Great Decisions

How to Make Great Decisions

Fr. Mike Schmitz

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Should I buy dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Which college should I attend? Should I be married or single? We face thousands of decisions, big and small, every day. But have you ever felt like you are too busy "discerning" to actually decide? True decision-making is more than just thinking about something . . . decisions involve taking action.

YouTube star, Fr. Mike Schmitz, gives you the tools to decide what to do with your life today, tomorrow, and in the future with clarity and confidence. In this little book you will learn to:


  • know when God is speaking,
  • how to recognize the "signs,"
  • and make wise decisions for your life.
Fate is when you're fixed; you don't have a choice. Destiny is your destination . . . Know your destiny.

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