Mary's Roadie: My Travels with Mary the Mother of Jesus

Mary's Roadie: My Travels with Mary the Mother of Jesus

Kevin Matthews

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We all are broken, but we are loved by God.

Kevin Matthews is a radio icon and a three-time Radio Hall of Fame Nominee, soon to be officially inducted. For nearly two decades, he entertained more than ten million listeners weekly on the legendary AM 1000, Loop Radio Station in Chicago, Illinois. He traveled the world, met with the famous, had babies named after him, and set his flag on many entertainment mountains. He lived like a radio rock star. 

That is until God led Kevin to a filthy dumpster where he discovered a broken statue of the Blessed Mother. Immediately, his life and world would be turned upside-down. 

In 2016, Matthews penned his debut book, Broken Mary—an honest and hilarious confession about his struggle with multiple sclerosis and his discovery of this broken statue of the mother of Jesus. But what happened after the initial discovery of this statue he would begin to bring everywhere with him? Where would she lead him to next? 

Almost a decade later, Mary’s Roadie documents this very story. 

With humor and vulnerability, Matthews recalls the extraordinary moments, the life-changing trips, and the prayers answered since that fateful day in 2011. From flying across oceans, to working with nuns, and speaking in the last place he ever expected, this story will deeply touch anyone who reads these pages. Kevin Matthews bares his love of God, his love of the Son of God, and the woman who gave birth to Jesus, our blessed Mother Mary. Mary’s Roadie will blanket you in hope and, most of all, remind you of how loved you are by God. 

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